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Vaasi Yoga Therapy

                                                                                                                                              வாசி யோக

 The Secrets of Ancient  Breathing  Healing Techniques.

         “From Him springs forth the breath of life” (Mundaka Upanishad 2:1:3).


Rig Veda 1:66:1, speaks of “breath which is the life,” as does 1:113:16.

“In thee is each living creature’s breath and life” (1:48:10).

Our breath is inherent in Brahman, Absolute Being-Existence.

“Breath which is the life, like one’s own son” (1:66:1).

The breath is the extension of our inmost life. It is our “offspring.”

Another hymn speaks of “All the world that moves and breathes” (1:101:5),

implying that the whole world breathes, that breath encompasses the whole world.

Shiva  = VaaShi  / Vaa (Come) + Shi –  Energy /  Breath of life,


Apaane juhwati praanam praane’paanam tathaa’pare;

Praanaapaana gatee ruddhwaa praanaayaamaparaayanaah.

Others offer as sacrifice the outgoing breath in the incoming, and the incoming in the

outgoing, restraining the courses of the outgoing and the incoming breaths, solely absorbed in the

restraint of the breath. 4;29.

THE HOLY BIBLE:                    

தேவனாகிய  கர்த்தர்  மனுஷனைப்  பூமியின்  மண்ணினாலே  உருவாக்கி, ஜீவசுவாசத்தை  அவன்  நாசியிலே  ஊதினார்,  மனுஷன்  ஜீவாத்துமாவானான்ஆதியாகமம் 2:7.

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. GENESIS  2:7.


அவரைநான்செவ்வையாகஉருவாக்கி, அவரில்என்ஆவியிலிருந்துஊதியதும், “அவருக்குசிரம்பணியுங்கள்” என்றும்கூறியதை (நினைவுகூர்வீராக)!15:29. 

“When I have fashioned him [in due proportion] and breathed into him of My spirit, fall ye down in obeisance unto him.”15;29.


பிராணன்  மனத்தொடும்  பேராது  அடங்கிப்
பிராணன்  இருக்கில்  பிறப்புஇறப்பு  இல்லை
பிராணன்  மடைமாறிப்  பேச்சு  அறிவித்துப்
பிராணன்  நடைபேறு  பெற்றுண்  டீர்நீரேதிருமந்திரம் 567.

Breath Control Yields Life Nectar
Let Prana merge in Mind
And together the two be stilled
Then no more shall birth and death be;
Therefore, learn to direct breath
In streams alternating left and right
And in silentness chant “Aum”
Then shall you sevile of the nectar of life.  Thrimandiram 567:

Breath is the universal factor of life. We are born the first time we
inspire, and we die the last time we expire. Breath is life itself. In
Sanskrit the same word–prana–means both breath and life.


Charaka Samhita – Two types of physicians:

1) Promoters of vital breath and destroyers of diseases.

2) Promoters of diseases and destroyers of vital breath. Su29#5


China =  (Chi +Na) Chi = Energy /  Breath of life, Na= Place, 

No extraordinary intellectual capabilities or philosophical reasoning is required

to realize the importance of breath and blood for the sustenance of life.


Breath of Life healing is a very effective, natural, holistic  alternative therapy for all diseases.

you’ll learn the secrets of how to breathe properly while calming your mind.

Irregular breathing will severely limit this process that plays a critical role in your circulatory and respiratory systems. Your heart and lungs need to work harder. Your digestion then becomes irregular. And the faster you breathe, the less you live.

This is a major contributor to anxiety, increased stress, and the beginning of the disease process. Leaving all of your organs, tissues, and cells malnourished and deprived of oxygen. All 75 trillion of them.

Imagine banishing headaches, nervousness, stiffness and pain as easily as you take a breath. And imagine harnessing the most powerful force in your body, channeling it, and using it to heal yourself from within.

Yes, it’s that basic and simple.

1. The objective of this approach is to strengthen the body’s own immunity to heal diseases. The methodology is oriented towards both body and mind.
2. Some of the other therapies claim that by using certain herbs diseases will be healed. While some others claim that by doing meditation or yoga alone disease can be overcome. Still others say that the detoxification procedure can make the body healthy.
Breath of Life  says no one aspect is fully effective; but when all these approaches are combined, healing becomes complete. The Breath of Life  not only detoxify the body, but also purify the mind and bring about integration of the body and mind, the critical step in healing…

·        No vitamins or supplements to take

·        No drugs or medicines involved.

·        No incense, oils, or herbs to buy or apply

·        No acupuncture needles or painful body manipulations to endure

·        No spas or baths to go to, no therapists to see

·        No difficult and exhausting exercises to perform

·        No confusing diets to follow


This can be learned from only a  Breathing Therapy Teachers . As the Hatha Yoga Pradipika warns:

Pranayama performed correctly destroys all diseases,

while incorrectly done pranayama can be the  cause of all ills.

Breath of Life


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