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One Touch Acupuncture -Treatment


To Treat Diseases, One Must Search For The Basis.


Balances the Body, Mind & Life energy core by gentle finger touch upon key locations of the body. Acu touch therapy is a revolutionary new approach to healing.

Acu Touch 

Uses the vital energy of the body to cure the illness.

Does not need any medicines or drugs.

Acu Touch

Is the higher version of Acupuncture treatment.

Is one of the methods of treating the disease by touching the Acupoints in the skin.

Acu Touch

Will treat the cause of the disease and not the symptom of the disease.

Imbalance of energy  is Disease.

Balanced  energy is Cure.

Acu Touch  balance your  energy.

It is the physician’s duty to support this “healing force of the organism’s own nature.” Excretions and secretions are the main modes of the organism’s self-help;

What are the diseases that gets cure in Acu Touch treatment? 

Acu Touch philosophies’ that all diseases are curable.  There is complete scope for this in Acu Touch treatment. 

Disease related to eyes, headache, cold, sinusitis, problems in kidneys, disease related to heart, uterus, lungs, skin, bones, liver, gastritis, ulcer, blood, nerves, hormones, intestinal problems, etc., and many more diseases whatever are, there is cure in Acu Touch treatment. 

Acu Touch is the promise to the current medical world.


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